When you call, fax or email to place an enquiry, our priority is to ensure that your sole point of con-tact is a person who understands your needs and your market. Once you place an order, we will then source, price and oversee its delivery, making sure you get what you need quickly and cost-effectively.


Our logistic team ensures that your goods always arrive in perfect condition. Every consignment, from a single fragile box to a container load, receives the same exemplary care and attention. All manufacturers' storage conditions are met, including "Cold Storage" and "Fragile and Hazardous" Materials.


Depending on your timeframe and budget, we offer any combination of freight options over road, sea and air, enabling you to choose the most appropriate service for each order. Our location on the 3 frontiers close to the Euro-airport allows easy and adapted shipment.

Physician and pharmacist dedicated to your cause:

Our team of health care professionals has high expertise in logistic of humanitarian aid. Listening and taking in account the needs of the end users and working together is the guarantee for success of each specific mission.